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80K Wishlists, development progress and more

We have a lot to share with you!

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Published on Jun 11, 2022


Hey survivors,

Thanks to you and all your support, we have reached over 80 000 wishlists on steam, which is incredible!

Thank you for the interest you have put in Rooted, all the heartwarming messages, the feedbacks and suggestions you send us, all of this makes us very happy and even more motivated about this project, so we will keep sharing with you as we did, starting right now!


We are working hard on the basis of the game and we did spend a lot of time on our Game design document, discussing what technologies we need to make Rooted the game we want, regarding environment, characters and animations, sound design, and more!

The team started working and prototyping different aspect of the game, the data handling system that will take care of every items and their state in the game, wether they are in an inventory or not. On the environment with modular pieces and materials to ease all the work that is yet to come, the basics of the character movements and animations, and the UI of various things like the inventory, the survivor's guide, and some other essential elements.

It is a lot of work and it takes time to do things well, and we do want to make things well ... so we take the time.
For this reason, because there are a lot of you, and so you don't stay in the dark, we decided to share our progress, discuss things with you, introduce you to the team, give you some sneak peaks, and most importantly, get your feedbacks!

All of this is very important to us, so once again, Thank you for your support!



We are still working with passion on both the artistic and technical aspects of the game. There is still a long road ahead and we will keep sharing our progress with you!
You should especially like our building system, as well as the environment we started working on with the hamlets and a town.

While we are working on the core game, we are looking for funding solutions to allow us to work on all the features we would like to include. With so many people waiting for the game, we want to work in good conditions, with the right talents!

In this regard, we are also recruiting a Concept Artist and a Technical Artist (Houdini) to expand our team, and offer you an in-game experience worthy of the number of wishlists!


Simply by talking about the game around you! It's the easiest and most efficient way to help us :)

Please use the link below to join us on Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Tiktok...

Thank you!