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The Rooted Development Timeline

Trace the footsteps of our survival epic, from humble beginnings to grand adventures.
Here are our predictions, subject to change.

March 2022 • PROJECT START

The Rooted project was born, and through social media, players are showing their interest. The work begins.

August 2022 • Future Game Show

The first trailer for Rooted is aired at the Future Games Show, following an invitation from the organizers. The response from players after the broadcast was excellent. Thank you!

August - October 2022 • Kickstarter Campaign

The crowdfunding campaign raised over 100,000 euros in donations, allowing the team to scale the project and start recruiting. Thank you!

September, 4th 2023 • First Alpha Session

Launch of the Rooted Alpha. It could also be called the pre-pre alpha. It will last several months and will be divided into 4 phases.

Alpha, Phase 2

In this session, we are adding the features dedicated to building and crafting. Use the various workshops to craft your first items, repair objects you've salvaged, and set up your camp.

Alpha, Phase 3

In this session, we are adding gardening, hunting, and fishing features. Players will be able to test these systems that allow them to feed themselves and survive in a hostile environment.

Alpha, Phase 4

In this final major alpha session, we are adding features dedicated to armed and unarmed combat.

Once ready, Closed Beta

Last step before transitioning to early access, a significant portion of the gameplay mechanics will be production ready.

Early Access on Steam & Epic Games Store

The game is now available in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. This is the final step before the full release, and the possible console distribution.