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Our Road Map and PVP news

Rooted has been funded!

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Published on Sep 14, 2022

Thank you all so much for your support! While the community has until October 21th to continue to support us, the Kickstarter goal is reached! We are happy to announce that all the backers will have a special outfit!

Now, let's talk about our Roadmap and PVP.

Strech goals become our Roadmap

Thanks to the all backers, players and medias which brought us visibility, with the kickstarter and other ways to get funds, we now have the possibility to go further, thank you so much for that! Strech goals are now our Roadmap.

Here is the Roadmap. You may notice something at the bottom, regarding PVP in Rooted...
I'm gonna share some information about it below.

PVP in Rooted: some news!

Since many of you ask for PVP in Rooted, we have decided first to add an option to enable Friendly Fire. Then day after day, while we were working on the game, we realized that we could add a more suitable version of our map for a PVP mode, with the possibility of being hosted on dedicated servers. 

The community with a preference for PVP will then be able to have fun in a 100% pvp game mode, with more than just a few players.

IMPORTANT: Our development remains focused on the PVE / Co-op part because it is this experience that we absolutely want to deliver. This is the DNA of ROOTED. Friendly fire will still be available in the PVE / Co-op mode.

Have a nice day!