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Closed Alpha, Trailer, Kickstarter pre-launch

There's a lot we want to share with you!

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Published on Jul 06, 2022

Hello, Survivors!
There's a lot we want to share with you, so let's keep it concise and straightforward. But first, do check out our "trailer" showcasing the progress we've made over the past three months!

Upcoming Closed Alpha

We truly enjoy sharing our progress with you on Discord on a weekly basis, as video game creation is a time-consuming process. It's crucial for our team to receive your feedback and to demonstrate some features even if they are still in the early stages of development.

That's why we're planning to conduct closed alpha sessions later this year to gather your feedback on specific features. You won't have access to the entire game, as we're still in the process of creating it. However, you'll be able to test out main features and provide us with your opinions.

How to become an alpha tester? It's easy!

  • Fill out a form (which will be available soon) for a chance to be selected
  • More active users on social networks will receive a key
  • Alpha access will also be included in some Kickstarter rewards

Note: the initial alpha sessions will be under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Kickstarter Pre-launch

The Kickstarter phase is significant for us, as it helps us maintain our creative independence during the creation process. We need this freedom. We need to safeguard our creativity, especially now as we lay the foundations for Rooted. We've been approached by numerous publishers—thank you for your interest in Rooted! We may reconnect later.

Register for updates about the Kickstarter campaign here! 

The campaign will kick off in a few weeks.

Blueprints, tools, equipment, your name on apartments and houses in the game... We've planned exciting and engaging features that won't compromise the game's integrity!

130,000 Wishlists

Four months after our first video was posted on Twitter, 130,000 individuals have added Rooted to their Steam Wishlist.
Thank you so much! Your enthusiasm fuels us to push forward, maintain our motivation, and stay focused on our objective: to create a survival game that you'll enjoy for years to come!

Now, dear survivors, it's time for us to get back to work.
Feel free to join us on our social networks.

Mat @Rooted