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Our progress and Alpha sessions

Open-world, gameplay and upcoming alpha

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Published on Oct 10, 2022

Hey there, Survivors!

We are thrilled by your overwhelming interest in Rooted! With over 300,000 of you adding Rooted to your Steam wishlist, our team is truly motivated. Thank you!

We also have exciting news to share: our Kickstarter campaign is a resounding success! We've reached 135% of our goal with 11 days to spare. Your support is immensely appreciated!

Let's update you on our progress.

Open-world Development

Since premiering our trailer at the Future Game Show on August 22, we've been tirelessly working on our open-world. Our team is developing tools to generate the map and environment in the most modular, scalable, and optimized system possible.

Our talented environment artists are shaping the world you will soon explore, and trust us, it's shaping up to be awesome! Imagine 50Km²+ of ground space, added city verticality, and the surrounding ocean...all on a 100km² map.

We've previously shared examples of our workflow to create the post-apocalyptic environment, showcasing our advanced materials for an immersive blend of bricks, foam, and plaster.

For instance, our door generator creates thousands of variations of damaged doors, enhancing the realistic aesthetic at no additional cost.

Gameplay Mechanics

Gameplay is at the heart of Rooted!
Our mocap animations are scheduled for recording in November. Shortly after, we'll start sharing our gameplay mechanics. We're truly excited about this! In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you plan to cultivate in this buildable greenhouse!

The Greenhouse comes in three states:

  • Natural, the simplest
  • Electric, with UV lights added once you generate enough electricity.
  • Irrigated, where you can irrigate your plantations to boost your production.

And what about this boat? It has a role in the lore, but just imagine if you could drive it in the game? This is a WIP version, but as you know, we love to share our progress.

Join our Discord community for the easiest way to track our progress and interact with us directly :)

Next Alpha Sessions

In early 2023, we'll be launching alpha sessions focusing on specific features. We're excited that over 1500 people have already signed up via their Kickstarter pledges.

Don't worry if you haven't yet! We'll be sharing a sign-up form in the coming months for a chance to secure your access!

Once again, thank you for your interest and support! 

Mat @Rooted