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Rooted 200% Funded! It's time for Mocap Animations

Some info about translations too

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Published on Oct 23, 2022

Hey Survivors!

This past week has been crazy as friday was the last day of our kickstater Campaign.
60 days during which you showed us so much enthusiasm for Rooted, talking about the game around you, and financially supporting our team.

Today and thanks to you:

  • more than 330,000 wishlists on Steam
  • Kickstarter campaign ended at 200% of its goal, with a total of 120,000€
  • over 4000 members on our discord server! You guys are amazing!

It's time for mocap sessions

We are now in good conditions to move on to an important step for us, which we were looking forward to the recording of our mocap animations.

Not only will this allow us to have a result that is true to our expectations, but we will also be able to share the gameplay mechanics with you, and you can't imagine how much we are looking forward to it!

Languages available in Rooted

Until the early access, Rooted will be available mainly in english. For the early access, we plan to add many languages (thanks to help of the community) so do not hesitate to ask for yours here or on Discord! Some statistics we have show us which countries are the most represented in the community, so by default, they will have their language in the game too.

Talk with the devs and follow our progress

If you want to follow the development of the game on a weekly basis, don't hesitate to join us on our social networks like Discord (for early WIP).

All our links here:

And of course, you can use our forum on Steam to talk with us too!

Thanks again for your incredible support!
Mat @Rooted