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Rooted Now Available on Epic Games Store - Add to Your Wishlist Today!

To celebrate this, here are some exclusive images from the game!  And as good news never comes alone, it's now possible to pledge for the game on our website again!

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Published on Jun 28, 2023

Hey Survivalists!

We are excited to announce that Rooted is now available on the Epic Games Store! Starting today, you can add Rooted to your wishlist and get ready to explore, survive, and shape your own path through our richly detailed environment: 

That's not all. We're proud to announce that Rooted now supports crossplay! Whether you're launching the game through Steam or Epic Games Store, you will be able to join forces and play together. This expands the community and ensures that you'll always find someone to team up with, no matter the platform you choose.

Moreover, we're reintroducing the opportunity to pledge Rooted on our official website, now with Epic Games Store keys! Show your support and get exclusive early access to our content, updates, and more.

Our game utilizes Epic Online Services for managing all multiplayer sessions and various other features. This enhances the gameplay, providing a seamless and enriched Rooted experience for all our players.

Ready to plunge into the world of Rooted? Add us to your Epic Games Store or Steam wishlist today and embark on the survival journey!

Keep surviving!